Who are we?

We are the people behind Schwung. The board is elected every year from the most motivated members of the organization.

Below you can see the board members and the officers from the 2023/2024 academic year.


Hajdú, Zsombor

I am Zsombor, a second year student at the ETH Computer Science Master’s program. In the little free time I have left after university I read a lot, do sports and play music. Although I am really passionate about my profession, I have never been satisfied with just computers, and I found the work that allowed me to have a more direct impact on people much more fulfulling. That’s why it’s such an honour for me to represent Schwung this year and to continue working to help Hungarian students find the support they need here in Switzerland.

Vice President

Sárosi, Kristóf

I have been studying at ETH since 2017, and in 2021 I started my doctoral studies at D-MAVT. I am most interested in cultural and music programs, and I play sports in my free time. What motivated me in becoming a founder of Schwung was to build a community that would help Hungarian students integrate and prosper in Zurich.


Jeney, Zsombor

I have been studying Pharmaceutical Sciences (D-CHAB) at ETH since 2021. In my free time I like doing photography, theatre, or playing sports. Attending social gatherings and meeting new people is also an important point for me, which has led to me joining Schwung in the first place. Through my work in the association, I hope to further develop this community and build something great for all Hungarian students in Zurich.

Network Coordinator

Varga, Dávid

I started my studies in the autumn of 2021, majoring in Energy Engineering (D-ITET, MEST). In my free time I like to hike, play sports or play music. As a person I like to meet new people and explore new paths. In my position at Schwung, I would like to focus on this, so that we can continue our studies at university and beyond by building a community, getting to know and supporting each other.

Alumni Coordinator

Czirják, Kristóf Antal

I have completed my Bachelors degree in Computational Science and Engineering (D-MATH) in 2022 and am currently working at Boston Consulting Group. In my free time I love doing sports – skiing is my favorite – and I also enjoy conversing about thought provoking topics with friends. Creating meaningful projects, building them up from scratch and leading them to success makes me exited.

Even though I am now less closely linked to ETH, as the founder of Schwung, the association remains close to my heart. That is why I have stayed on as a board member and will continue my work this year in the position of Alumni Coordinator.

Social Coordinator

Jakab, Johanna

I study political science at the ETH D-GESS department, as an “outsider” at a rather technical university. Having never lived in a country for more than 7 years, the decision to study political science was quite organic. The subject covers everything that interests me: culture, literature, politics, history, religion, democracy, economics, health, finance and of course statistics. When I have free time, I dance tango and salsa, travel or discuss the latest news with friends. In my role as Events Coordinator, I hope to bring the members of our association a bit closer together and organise events in a way that there is something of interest for everyone.


Szakács, Áron Vince

I’m an electrical engineering Master’s student. My hobbies are scouting, learning languages and skiing. My love for computers and hacking has motivated me to become our webmaster.

Previous boards


  • President: Kristóf Sárosi
  • Vice President: Dávid Varga
  • Treasurer: Kristof Antal Czirjak


  • President: Kristof Antal Czirjak
  • Vice President: Rebeka Szegő
  • Treasurer: Kristóf Sárosi